Overview and Cast

The Hapless Heroes Podcast is a homebrew D&D comedy podcast and campaign set in the world of Telduria that consists of a rotating cast of players and DMs with an aptitude for rolling poorly.

This NSFW podcast also features some hilarious table banter, punishing critical failures, immersive-yet-questionable roleplaying, and an ever-evolving, completely improvised story.

Tune in and join the cast at their table every Monday as they embark on an epic journey of fame, fortune and failure.

Cast of Characters:
Francesco - Host/DM and player of Felix Fizzlebottom: gnome scientist and  warlock extraordinaire with a dark secret but pleasant demeanor. 
Dave - Co-Host/DM and player of Zero: the one and only Warforged in the realm and ranged fighting specialist. Some assembly required.
James - Hobblet "The Smasher": the crude, crass and often unlucky Dwarven War Cleric with a heart of gold tucked behind his gruff exterior.
Michael - Kwin Southwind: our lovable, intelligent and practical half-elf bard wielding both sharp tongue and his father's precious dagger.
Joe - Ezra Wynefeldt: the druish wood-elf Monk with a penchant for alcohol and punching things many times.
Zach - Perodill Linkinwoods: the gnome blacksmith-turned-Fighter who happened upon the Hapless Heroes by chance. Whether that was to his benefit or detriment remains to be seen.
John - Lord Jha'rell the Light: The righteous yet pompous half-elf paladin who has devoted his life to the service of the goddess Valon
Massimo - Morton Mack a.k.a. Gorgeous Mort: Middle-aged half-elf sorcerer whose father disappeared in the crucible lands when he was a child and left him a curious inheritance. Major daddy issues developed as a result.