Overview and Cast

Hapless Heroes is an original Real Play D&D 5th Edition podcast set in the homebrewed world of Telduria. (Map credit: Maxime Plasse at http://www.maxmaps.com)

What we feel sets us apart from other D&D podcasts is that we will be rotating between two DMs after each completed story arc. Once an arc has reached its natural conclusion, the next DM will write the next arc based on where we left off. We feel this adds a level of complexity and unpredictability to the campaign and opens us up to multiple styles of storytelling. 

Cast of Characters:

Francesco - Host/DM and player of Felix Fizzlebottom: gnome scientist and  warlock extraordinaire with a dark secret but pleasant demeanor. 

Dave - Co-Host/DM and player of Zero: the one and only Warforged in the realm and ranged fighting specialist. Some assembly required.

James - Hobblet "The Smasher": the crude, crass and often unlucky Dwarven War Cleric with a heart of gold tucked behind his gruff exterior.

Michael - Kwin Southwind: our lovable, intelligent and practical half-elf bard wielding both sharp tongue and his father's precious dagger.

Joe - Ezra Wynefeldt: the druish wood-elf Monk with a penchant for alcohol and punching things many times.

Zach - Perodill Linkinwoods: the gnome blacksmith-turned-Fighter who happened upon the Hapless Heroes by chance. Whether that was to his benefit or detriment remains to be seen.

Massimo - Flarion the Barbarion: special guest for the Zero side arc, this thuggish Goliath isn't shy with his axes nor his javelins.